cView™ - Relationship Management Tools for Credit Unions

The success of any credit union depends on the ability to attract and retain members. CView is a set of tools that enable you to manage the customer relationship lifecycle. This enables you to:

  • Increase your member base
  • Improve efficiency and service
  • Increase product penetration with existing members

Open Solutions designed cView around two key functional areas - member contact and knowledge management, so employees can convert back-office information into knowledge they can use to create actionable activities, like needs-based cross-selling, that contribute to the bottom line.

cView redefines effective relationship management in terms of the strategic business needs of credit unions, transforming the way member knowledge moves throughout your organization. cView relationship management tools are designed to satisfy the following criteria for success:

  • Provide actionable activities, like relevant offers, and make them available through front-line delivery channels, Internet banking, Teller and other Platform channels
  • Allow knowledge to be used and shared across the entire enterprise
  • Enhance integration with workflow and transactional systems (e.g., core, investments, insurance, etc.)
  • Utilize relational database technology as well as industry-standard Internet protocols
  • Operate in a dynamic, online environment
  • Enable front-line employees with technology that's easy to use

The cView suite is designed specifically for credit unions and is pre-integrated with The Complete Credit Union Solution® core processing platform. The cView toolset incorporates all six of the critical advantages listed above in a scalable platform powered by the relational industry leaders, Oracle® and Microsoft Windows®. Now, you can aggregate information from your core transaction system as well as various other data sources such as investment accounts, insurance, general ledger, and more.